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Old 02-04-2017, 09:21 PM
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After thought... i would drive my wife and kids in one

Because they are totally cool. I just wouldnt take it in dangerous traffic like nyc. Recently i got all shook up going to manhattan. I am singing with niel diamond 8track, perfect sunny like fla, sunroof open: "i feel like the only rooster in the henhouse and i guess it shows"(not my kinda song but the mood fit)until the moment i entered the lincoln tunnel and like a switch flipped in my head to total fright like omg! As the tunnel lights were out, my headlights stuck on hibeam with outer bulbs un]lugged. I dont remember seeing lane lines, nobody to follow looked total dark. Cars behind me a huge bus to my right seemed to not want to pass me as i think i only did 10mph in a 35 zone. I still cant believe i got thru without scuffin my precious whitewalls.
Freaks me out to remember that reality . Makes me want a selfdriving car so i can smoke and make out instead of having all the crap scared outta me. I kept expecting crazy blaring horns but none, very strange for me.
Did i properly represent a typical floridian in my fashionable markv with palm beach tag?
That was my first time driving into mabhattan and just like on tv the peep show neon sign reminded me of what kinda place i was in. Actually the bigger clue was all the poor desperates asking for money. I seriously would love to give cash to anybody so sad but i am not rich yet. So, the mood i get there had me respond like an idiot: do i look like i have money to give! I truly almost got punched or killed several times. Between those desperates and a few nyc cops behaving like on tv i got really turned off to nyc. I will leave it for the elites

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