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Old 08-22-2018, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
You could probably do the same on most early SS sets. Anything too computerized that mutes it's video if it does not see sync will fight attempts to make patterns by feeding in sinewaves. I had one of those HP generators before I had a good TV test pattern generator or scope, and I had a TV set that had audio but no video so the HP was the best way to inject SOMETHING recognizable into the 1st video stage for diagnosis...And it did help me figure out that my video amp worked.

My only counter is a Triplet 7000 that I picked up for $15 at a hamfest a couple years ago. It is a good(enough for me) counter. I also had some other counter for a while that was less accurate (and thus I got rid of it).

My college had some nice HP digital scopes when I was there...If those ever drop below a C-note I may have to grab one.
Oh, so that's what triggers the "no signal" screen on newer SS sets. Those are much too recent for my liking, my newest is a JVC-built Sears from '84. I still need to crack that one open to track down the cause of the "tick tick tick" sound from the HV.
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