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Old 02-11-2018, 02:38 AM
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As old_tv_nut has said, there are so many other variables in the transmission chain it's almost impossible to compare the relative performance of 720p and 1080i in the home.

Interlace was once a wonderful system to reduce bandwidth but it's now just a curse. It's difficult if not impossible to undo it accurately for progressive displays. All flat panel displays are progressive. The best one can say is that receivers have got better, the days of the 2 field splitting apart to give comb shpaed edges on moving objects have largely gone.

[rant] Another curse is the old USA frame rates of 29.97Hz etc. Except they don't affect the home user, only programme makers/distributors. First introduced to cope with NTSC colour (they either had to move the sound subcarrier or frame/line rate to make it work OK) it was a valid choice at the time. That was before timecode. It's been a total PITA ever since, as timecode has to be frigged to make it work with these frame rates. (I'm in a 50Hz country where everything works just fine - I just happen to design kit that has to cope with all standards in the studio.

When HD came in why on earth were the 29.97 etc standards retained? If you needed to re-use old material in a true 30Hz/60Hz standard environment you just played it in 0.1% fast. The madness has been retained in the 4K era, where the SMPTE standards documents still allow for these wretched frame rates. [/rant]
Jeffrey Borinsky
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