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Old 01-06-2018, 01:57 PM
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Not sure how I got here.
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= For the Collector who has Nothing ! =

For the Collector who has nothing !

Doesn't work every time !

Takes up a lot less space than a TUBE tv!

Doesn't use Electricity !

Easy to clean around, under, and behind !

Easy to move, floor model "Vintage TV"

Best Item of 2018 ?????

10+ left, Get one or two..... No it's not mine....Or anyone I know.....Geeezzzz...

Sorry if this has already been posted, I looked, but didn't find
it on here.....

Yes you can call me "Squirrel boy"

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Old 01-06-2018, 03:08 PM
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hey Squirrel long time. Your cousins are being well fed AND
well behaved ! They are staying off the feeder & picking up
the drops....... Maybe they heard about the wood chuck

Anyhows we had a furniture store next to the shop. They had a
bunch of fake TV's we would borrow to gag people. One was
getting the finished set & dropping it. Another was 2 of us
carrying it while struggling. Then you ask him for help. When they
grab it they expect 200 lbs. Then the thing goes flying. We did it
with real stuff too. My mechanic was picking up his VCR & I grabbed
a junk Funai, faked a trip & it smashed on the floor to pieces ! All
he could do was laugh for 5 mn then I got him his real VCR.

73 Zeno
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Old 01-06-2018, 04:30 PM
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Not sure how I got here.
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Orange County NY
Posts: 3,471
Hi Zeno ! Hi Everyone, happy 2018 ! I thought you guys would get a kick
out of the card board box tv. Funny, When I found it on ebay there was that
terrible picture, and I was wondering what kind of scam it might be where they
did not use an actual picture of the tv for sale. Then finding it was a prop, even
better.... If they bought 100 of'em I bet they got them for maybe $3./ea. ~ Making
a good profit if they can sell a lot ! Funny what people think of to make a buck!

Yes I talked to all my cousins that are in your area It's been -5 to 10 degrees
here for 3 weeks.... Yuk ! I have a spot where I ground feed squirrels and birds
each morning. Boxed on 4 sides by the house and large hedges/bushes.
Me, and our cats can watch them out the window !
They are all protected from cats and hawks. I use to have over 20 squirrels show up in
winters past, But the last few years only about 5. I have to feed the Crows out
in the open by the driveway because they just won't go into a protected area.
Crows like to be in the open, and there is always one watching, while the
others in the group eat. Then they switch off. Crows are very polite birds.
My cousins on the other hand get cranky and chase one another.... If 4 show
up at my house and I have only 3 piles of sunflower seeds out, they argue,
and the next day I have to remember to put out one or two more piles....

I have still been collecting tvs, just not doing much with them, or milling
around here. It's cool you (Zeno) ID'd that free zenith out on LI last week,
I knew you would be able to nail it, and post it's history. I thought it was
newer than '67, but you have more knowledge on them than I do.

I have been lucky to get a few Sears 19" portable B&W tv's from '65 or so,
just like the sets I grew up with. I think one person here made a comment
about them once, with the "L" shaped chassis. All tube, Suburbanite Silvertone
with plastic cabinet. I'm happy when I can find a set I have a history with
even if most people would pass them by.

I see EM has a "real job" after graduation, Good for him !
Hope all you guys are having fun !



Yes you can call me "Squirrel boy"
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Old 01-06-2018, 04:40 PM
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That looks like a Packard Bell set, I would have used something more stylish but maybe it's hard to get a good poster sized image of an old TV.
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Old 01-06-2018, 04:43 PM
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M is for Memory
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I think there is a typo in yer thread title. I think it should read "for the collector that has a wall with a large hole in it"

Reports of my desire to sit on my but at home and not contribute to society/demise r greatly exaggerated...Plus with my degree, I can get paid to sit...In someone else's building doing mad-sciency things.
Tom C.

What I want. -->

Reading between the scan lines since the mid 2000's.
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Old 01-06-2018, 08:07 PM
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'A Disgusting Brony'
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I mean... ok... but couldn't they have at least used a more photogenic set? It's kinda plain.
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