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Old 06-25-2017, 06:27 AM
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Broke Sony corp?

* Long but informative about Sony Corp,and the rubbish I bought 2 x so forgive that rant or skip it ,don't miss the Sony communities dirty secrets most people don't know ,

LOL we and the Quants always scoop everyone it's always about the money !

Sony X720 / X690E specifications:
Let's Imagine this stripped down lower tier stranded low content Sony Bravia owned subsidiary new TV product is a 4K SDR product tier 60Hz/50Hz 6 bit + frc dither panel and overpriced @ MSRP I might add and not likely very bright and only You Tube & Netflix in a nude Sony TV platform. IOW a *2 channel Smart TV like it says. Sony never made good cheap TVs, other have like Compal Toshiba

Sony X720 / X690E specifications read more:

LOL, not very generous all around and a cheaper 4K wide color HDR TCL P Roku Smart TV model will clean it's clock makes this a nothingburger outside of the brand on the hood or bonnet they are foolishly diluting again like Studebaker Packard mid century after Packard motors fell off ["THE"] pinnacle higher than Rolls Royce post war like Sony XBR once had and we all how well that worked out for combined Studebaker Packard motorcars since the 20th century demise albeit with other variables for the automobiles .

Imagine that the two stories somewhat parallel as History often does so the net result is obvious in this picture ,Sony fails (all of it) or more likely an LLC or Foxconn picks them up in a fire sale or a PRC whale buys them at fire sale prices.

Sony inc. never could manage thier businesses ,or the failing motion picture studio for decades but Sony Music and Sony Game are like perpetual motion machines but they can't save Sony inc. at those scales and Sony already sold maybe half of its fixed assets and brands like Sony Optical ,& the Viao computers etc,

We need Sony Bravia to keep Samsung and LG TV stable not inflating prices that's the bottom line. here ,they need to get some competent management beyond Sony making believe they are solvet. when they have to use the profits to prop up the failing Sony Pictures as they done before ,it's not insignificant money .

The entirety of Sony ,corp and Sony Pictures beneath the usual division shell games is virtually broke for many years and propping up the many at annual reports and F.Y. failing Sony picture studio that nobody wants or the recent properties anyway .

These are the dirty little secrets in the business community that I come from after short timing electronics that indicates the small fry Sony Bravia TV owned subsidiary is virtually broke and cutting corners on downstream product in a desperate attempt to stay solvent in a tired old business plan that never works if history is any indication of that like Studebaker Packard automobile .

DILUTING product for unit sales ,it's a foolish business prosecution (ask the experts > TCL ) that never works unless you are solvent and not long term .

There is the TCL leviathan waking up from a long slumber that should shake everybody's boots .,they got *real PRC muscle not like the broken pretense that was planning to buy Vizio LLC.and srip IPO cash out of that for them,LOL

This is NOT an uniformed Sony negative cognitive BIAS hit although I have one and you can't a give me a sony TV after 25 years of XBR TVs but my new panel code binned Saming UN 55 KS 8000 4K HDR 1000 TV is better than most Sony LCD so for now they have my LCD business.

My Sony negative BIAS is thus;

The 2015 4K fake HDR /HDR processing Sony Triluminos badly edge bleeding UN 55 X850C and my 2013 UN 40R450A had new panel lamps put in by me and additionally 2015 Sony 55X850C LD PSU board and mainboard failures I fixed or replaced , all this is cost prohibitive in a TV repair shop so they would have been binned by the 99% and ut wa ~ 220.00 new salvage and Digikey here all total for the 2 TV's and a free 2016 Samsung panel code binned Saming Un55KS8000 but the black cgome nebersuo retailer model un55X800D without the Harley crime and on the wall in the man cave on my ext.warranty .

New TV = WAY better new HDR 1000 TV 3.5 x brighter to 1474 NIT HDR ** and hold in to your set 7000: 1 LCD contrast and 6000 NIT tome mapping and HDR is 4000 NIT highlight tops now

My new here in 2014 2013 R4 Bravia is a plus 2 bit dither panel and never accurate color ,it drive me nuts trying to chase accurate color even with a conforming white balance and gain and offset calibration ,that was the tell along with the service menu and conformations telling me it was dither panel rubbish far below my 25 years of new Sony TV purchase expectations priorly .

I don't trust Sony TV anymore after these two disappointing Sony TV back to back(and what I know ) ,you can't give me a Sony TV now LOL .

The new Samsung UN KS8000 active edge dimming *real HDR 1000 panel binned for Samsung d. FA01 panel & is way better than my 2015 Sony UN 55X850C includind fit and Finish ,features and benefits , smart TV platform and its speed and 3X brighter QDOT panel and thermal design which speaks to my electronics education .

One can think as I do after decades of poor management and an unfavorable currency exchange Sony Corp. long term is in pitiful state

FWIW they even sold Tokyo Sony HQ buildings and leased floors back and with all the plants they sold ,they may just as well be another Vizio OD TV seller and TV designer given that Foxon makes most of the Sony Bravia TV finished product now and Sony does not make panels like the the 2 ROK whales they buy panels from .

Check it on a $24,000 Bloomberg terminal or on the web at Business intelligence ,Ycharts ,Bloomberg company profiles and stats ,Hoovers or just something credible not the propaganda and agenda driven make belive retail business sites we all often discard in the communities they are too late info instead of real time info to trade with and that ain't free buy its only wat to hopefully ride the tide with the Quant bots .

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