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Old 01-24-2018, 07:33 PM
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It's too bad, but some folks will throw out perfectly good items if they have no use for them, or simply want them out of the house in a hurry. I admit having done just that with a 6-foot shelf unit and a TV entertainment-center cabinet (among many other things) after I moved to my apartment, the reason being I had no room for either item in the apartment (this place is very small) and did not want to wait to find someone to take them off my hands.

BTW, I was glad to read that the Vizio HDTV is now operational, the only damage (if you want to call it that) being a slight amount of water that got between the safety glass and the LCD panel itself. If the set was left out in the rain (!), it is very fortunate that there was no other damage to the motherboard or other parts of the TV. The speakers may well have suffered warped cones, but since almost all HDTVs have just two transistor-radio speakers that do not do justice to the set's MTS stereo decoder and other parts of the audio system, this wouldn't be a tremendous loss. I would just connect a pair of amplified speakers to the set's headphone jack or, alternatively, I'd connect the set's audio output to an external sound system, bypassing the internal speakers entirely.

I would also add a safety warning: If that Vizio HDTV was in water for any length of time, don't immediately plug it in to AC power; if you do, the set may be (probably will be) irreparably damaged. I don't know if HDTVs have "hot chassis" designs, as did most transformerless CRT sets and even certain solid-state TVs, such as RCA's CTC1xx chassis and likely others, but it doesn't pay to take chances. Make sure the set's innards are absolutely dry as a bone before applying power; use a blow dryer, heat gun or other heat source to dry out the set if you must.
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Old 01-24-2018, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by kf4rca View Post
Its water. Apparently it sat outside in the rain before it was hauled to the street.

Originally Posted by Jeffhs View Post
Make sure the set's innards are absolutely dry as a bone before applying power; use a blow dryer, heat gun or other heat source to dry out the set if you must.
Well, he already turned it on, so... But anyways, I find the water to be of little consequence for PCBs. It's the stuff IN the water that does them in. Even after they're bone dry, the minerals, electrolytes, etc. that were in the water remain dried onto the PCB, and can still conduct electricity.

A common thing that I do with small PCBs that've been contaminated is to simply wash them off with soap and water, and a soft bristle brush, then let them dry. Sounds all kinds of wrong, but I've had good results.
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Old 01-25-2018, 12:42 PM
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I always open then up before powering them up. No water was visible in the interior.
The speakers are enclosed in a box-like enclosure.
The last flat screen that I found (a Sanyo 20 inch) worked but was stuck in CATV mode and I did not have a factory remote. The universal remotes that I have would not access that level of the menu.
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