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Old 03-11-2018, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by zenith2134 View Post
That's truly interesting info regarding the EFL sets. I'll have to check mine at high-contrast and see how the tube behaves.

On the CC-II, I discovered a minor issue. Keeping in mind I never even took the back off:
On animated content, and with motion scenes, the color demod acts up. For example, it has the notorious green turning blue in spots, and vice-versa. The horiz freq appears to be fixed, no hold control to adjust.
Also, uniformly red/green/blue/white rasters are perfect, so this is not a purity issue.
I suppose I'll have to scope out the burst and demod circuits but I do NOT want to make this worse.
On my 19CC19 4-tube hybrid, I had a bad case of the rolling color bars which I was able to adjust out. But this one is a different beast.
IIRC the CC2 used the same IC's & design as the hybrids color. Alignment
is the same. There is a pot for hoz freq on the 9-90-? board. Also there
are 2 ceramic resistor packs, one on the 9-88-? video & 9-89 video out.
They love to get cold joints.

73 Zeno
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