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Old 04-04-2017, 11:08 AM
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An ID sequencer for the Tektronix TSG170A (opt1)

If you were able to get a Tek TSG170A (opt1) test signal generator off Ebay for your shop, you probably already know how to set up the ID. (Option 1 is the ID character generator option.) But, what you may not know is that there are 3 other ID's that are not accessible from the front panel.
But, the engineers at Tektronix were nice enough to bring the address lines out to the DB9 connector on the rear panel. With a 2 IC circuit, the other 3 ID's are now accessible.
The circuit is simple. IC1 is a 555 timer set up as a 1Hz clock. And IC2 is a 7474 flip-flop set up as a 2 bit counter. S1 selects manual or automatic sequencing and pushbutton S2 manually steps thru to allow editing from the front panel. Use a good quality pushbutton switch to avoid the need for de-bouncing. The entire circuit runs off +5 which can be obtained internally.
So far as I know Tektronix never marketed a sequencer for this unit.
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