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Old 08-10-2008, 12:16 AM
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Doug and old-tv-nut... I am just someone who appreciates electronics (except I am struggling with the logistics of this blog as a newbie). Electronics is in my blood simply because I grew up with a dad who brought home 3-4 tv sets at one time and stacked them on top of each other for "field testing". :0) really! That's what he said.

I remember our "clicker" actually clicked! and it had two switches, one for changing the channel and one for on and off. Then there was the "works in a drawer" and the "instamatic" for dimming or brightening the picture screen on the tv. (a sensory spot on the front panel to match the level of light in the room).

Life in the plant was not good before the 1974 purchase, and the transition to a better work environment did not happen over night. But I do think the Japanese may have invented mass lay-offs. No offense but it was like a chopping block. Dad came home white as a ghost on those days. The company meant everything to him. Post WWll work ethic. How could he be responsible for giving someone the "ax". He swallowed all that stress.

He had to have worked there for 40 years. I think life got better eventually within the Quasar company. Headquarters moved to New Jersey, home of Panasonic and MECA (Matshusita Electronic Company of America). But remember, Motorola severed all ties to this company in 1974 and got out of the tv business all together. Motorola cellphones were a completely different product line unrelated to Matsushita employees, despite anyone working there with asian descent.

This year 2008, the name will be Panasonic (world wide) no more National, or Matsusita. Even though the old cronies who shepherded this company through many economic, cultural and technological trials are now long gone.

My dad's name was Merlyn Armstrong. He was director of engineering for several years. Died may 18, 1983. Age 56 at work. Could have used a defibrillator back then !! Just wasn't enough voltage for personal use at that Quasar Franklin Park location in '83 !!! JUST KIDDING,

Is digital really a lot better than analog? I'm holding on to our "photo slides" - digital reproduction is limited quality for printing, right?

Nice photos of the Quasar building. !!!! Doug. Hang on to them, please?
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Old 08-10-2008, 10:07 PM
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Hi Kathy - I remember your dad's name, although I can't recall interacting with him.
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Old 02-05-2019, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by drh4683 View Post
If you are familar with Motorola TV's then you are also familar with the address you see on the back or sticker of just about any pre 1975 motorola consumer product (TV radio, phono.) "Motorola Inc. 9401 W. Grand Ave Franklin Park, IL"

This is the main assembly plant that I visited today, May 5, 2007. The plant is still up and standing but will soon be rehabed into "The Grand Lofts" as you can see in the sign up on the front office of the plant. So the building will not be demolished, just turned into living space. I suggest you visit and you can read a brief history of what this building was all about. Franklin Park is still a very nice suburb, mostly industrial like most of Chicago.
The plant on Grand Ave is only a couple miles west of chicago. In the beginning photos you see the Front main office of the plant. Next you see the NW sides of the plant. As the photo progress, I take photos as I walk south on Edington St. untill I get to the south side of the plant, then I walk east taking photos of the south side, water tower and then walk north on the east side of the plant, untill I finish at the north end. Take a good look at the water tower photos. You can see what once read "QUASAR" on the tower through the rust. You can tell it was even painted over at one time too. Throughout all this photo shooting, I did not see the motorola logo or anything to do with motorola or quasar anywhere inside or outside of the building other than what you can see on the water tower.
I went to an estate sale on Odell st. in chicago today which brought me close to the Motorola plant. I just happened to find a Box for a vintage Motorola quasar color TV in the basement. No TV, but the box was cool and took it. In the living room was a mid 80's quasar TV. I would be willing to bet that the people who lived in that home worked at the motorola plant.
Heres the description for each of the 46 photos, Enjoy:
Photo 1: Front View (North end) of Motorola Office at 9401 W. Grand Ave.
photo 2: West side of office
photo 3: SW side of office
photo 4: NW side of plant. (The office is attached and part of the plant)
photo 5: Office and employee enterance, NW side of plant
photo 6: inside view through window at NW side.
photo 7: west side of plant
photo 8-12: Inside view of plant through auxillary door on west side. Each photo is a different view continuing to the south
photo 13-14: SW side of plant
photo 15: View looking NE
photo 16: Inside view through SW enterance looking N.
photo 17: South end, loading docks nearest the west
photo 18: South end, loading docks, nearest the east
photo 19-20: Inside view through loading dock overhead door.
photo 21-22: Water Tower NE side
photo 23: SE end of building
photo 24: Water tower, west side
photo 25: SE end of building
photo 26: Water tower, SW end
photo 27: Water tower, West end
photo 28: Inside view of building through door window on SE end of plant
photo 29: E side, looking SW
photo 30-31: Mechanical Room, view through door on E side.
photo 32: NE end of building
photo 33: E view of office and plant
photo 34: E end of office
photo 35: NE end of plant
photo 36: Parking, under office, looking to the west.
photo 37: NE end of office
photo 38-39: N end, front Main enterance
photo 40: Sign in front of building, looking to the west
photo 41: Intersection of Grand Ave+ Edington St looking NW.
photo 42: NE end, looking SE off Edington St.
photo 43: NW end at Grand and Edington st.
photo 44: Grand and Edington looking E
photo 45: Front of building
photo 46: Front of building with a Motorola color TV box found at an estate sale just down the street from the plant!
Are these photos still available for viewing?
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