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Old 10-16-2018, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Electronic M View Post
One thing I used to do is IIRC set the alarm by setting the time backwards...It would the clock hands/gearing would hook the alarm hand/gearing and it would allow the alarm to be set to exactly the time the hands were set to....Then the clock hand would have to be reset to the correct time by moving them in the opposite direction that I used to hook/set the alarm...That seemed to be the easiest way to get a really accurate alarm time set.
OK, well I think I tried that but I don't know how well that worked with my situation seeing as I was working with the clock mechanism that had the hands completely removed from the clock dial so when I ran the clock mechanism backwards to latch it into the alarm triggering mechanism I couldn't tell where the hands were or should of been, so like I said I kind of guessed on mine in reference to where I had previously had the alarm set to but I'm thinking that the guess wasn't very accurate or at least the way I positioned the hands wasn't very accurate (especially the alarm set disc in reference to the alarm pointer on the back side of the hour hand).
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Old 11-02-2018, 05:25 PM
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OK Weird issue with my Clock mechanism on my Radio that just suddenly cropped up.
The Alarm Buzzer will go off at the set time but without the alarm buzzer being turned on, what's weird is that it didn't always do this, it just randomly started doing this one evening while I was reading in bed and all of the sudden my buzzer starts going off and I looked at the clock and I saw that it wasn't even set to go off (it wasn't turned on).
The only way to shut it off was to "turn it on" or pull the knob out to the on position and then wait a little bit until the buzzer sounds again and then push the knob back in and it turns it off.

Any ideas what might be causing the alarm clock mechanism of this radio to do this weird thing its doing?
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