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Old 07-29-2017, 04:43 AM
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hello All & thx for letting me join your fine forum

Im a young vintage television enthusiast from Denmark and i need help ,to make my own "broadcasting system" that will make me able to watch whatever i want from my computer on my old television sets, being everything from B & O - to German crt screens and the JVC videosphere model.

And the easiest way to get all of these televisionsets "online" and able to watch netflix & my vintage horrormovie collection,would be to make a system that can broadcast the video & sound over a small area , in which you only need some kind a module that can send the transmission with RF .... Is that understood right by me ?

Ive looked into some modulators , like Blonder tongue and Holland electronics ?

The last one i got a very good deal on,because a buddy of mine sells sound equipment to theaters and concert halls ...

i bought this --- HOLLAND ELECTRONICS HMA-500H 90-260 VAC 50-60 HZ 25 W AGILE MODULATOR

does any one got some info on this ,is i just the same as blonder tongue AM 60-550 ? or am i way of ...

How do i broadcast the easiest and best way with this modulator ?
Does any one know

all info , i would be happy to hear

best regards from Denmark
THX alot in advance
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