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Old 05-29-2018, 09:06 AM
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Potential alternative to frit glass and Epotek?

So I've been sort of looking into potential methods of sealing a 15GP22, 15HP22, or 19VP22 that don't involve John Yurkon's method of essentially splitting the tube in half and eliminating the ultor ring (which is admittedly the most elegant solution, but also probably not going to work with the CBS tubes), and that doesn't involve frit (a known failure) or Epotek epoxy (which may burn up in the oven).

I'm a theorist, not an experimental physicist, so I went and asked some of my colleagues what they would use to seal such a tube. Some of the guys working on next generation X-ray sources for computed tomography machines HIGHLY recommended using Pelco No. 16026 ceramic adhesive just as one would frit or epoxy, as did our research instrumentation specialist, and a friend now working in some capacity for NASA.

Has anyone looked into this as an option? It seems to be more than capable of withstanding normal bakeout temperatures, and I've been told it makes an excellent hermetic seal between most metals and glass. Thoughts?
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