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Old 06-03-2018, 12:47 PM
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Clearing out test equipment, etc. in Chicago area

Want to donate / give away (or sell if you feel guilty or want just an item or so from the list Ė make offer).

Iíve been a mostly lurker on VK and AK for years with no time for my hobbies, but that should change soon as Iím about to retire to Florida.

Iím hoping to clear out a big chunk of my test equipment as well as some audio and a Hallicrafters í50-Ď51ish small console prior to putting my house on the market in about a month. Some of the stuff is more laboratory than service oriented (Iíve been an engineer since 1974). At one time I thought Iíd have the time to sell items on Ebay, but that just never happened. Most have not been powered up in years.

My first thought is to donate it to the ETF. Iím still waiting to hear from Steve McVoy to see if heís interested. Assuming he is, if any VK/AKers in the general Chicago area would like to foster this stuff and eventually help get it to ETF via VK Pony Express Iíd greatly appreciate it. Also, feel welcome to keep particular items for yourself for your trouble. If you donít want to come to Chicago, I could deliver to a reasonable distance as I have a van. I hate to think that much of this will go to city electronic recycling or worse a landfill.

The list below is subject to additions and subtractions as I finalize what I can and canít live without.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Anderson

Brand Model Description Comments
ADC SA-1 Stereo Spectrum Analyzer 10 band w/ mic and pink noise generator 80's era for room acoustic measurement
Bruel & Kjaer 2608 (quantity 2) Measuring Amplifiers (for B&K condenser mic) don't have any mics
DBX 140 Type II Noise reduction unit
Dumont 3WP1 CRT ~ 3" Dia
General Radio 539 C (Pair) Variable air condenser - 54 to 1993pF vintage wooden cabinets
General Radio W5MT3AW Variac - separate A,V,W meters
Hallicrafters 871 B/W TV 16TP4 CRT Blonde small console CRT emission very low, pic if interested
Heathkit IM-102 DMM needs power cord and fuse for current ranges
Heathkit IM-38 AC VTVM
HH Scott 50 Watt mono laboratory tube amp rack mount
HP 3300A / 3305 Function Generator w / sweep plugin
HP 330B Distortion Analyzer (Tube)
HP 450A 20-40 dB amp - RF
HP 5221B counters (quantity 2)
Keithley 6512 Programmable electrometer
Knight Kit KG650 RF generator 160 kHz - 112 Mhz AM modulation
Knight Kit KG765 FM stereo / AM tuner - early solid state mid 60's wood cabinet
Krohn-Hite 5200 Function Generator
Muzak A10 10 watt PA amplifier
Pioneer SG 9500 Stereo 10 band graphic EQ very nice
PSPICE software manual only
RCA WR69A TV FM Sweep generator
RG X-15 dynamic processor (audio expander) missing one button cap
Sanyo plus Q40 turntable w/AT97 cartridge missing hinges
Silvertone AM - SW - to 15Mhz chassis only - tube
Simpson ultra high sensitivity V O uA Meter
Sony STR VX550 Stereo receiver needs repair
Symetrix 551E (Pair) mono 5 band parametric EQ need repair
Technics SL-BD22 turntable w/Shure M111HE cartridge
Tektronix 5400 series D11 storage scope mainframe w/ 6BN10 sweep plugin Storage doesn't work, no vertical plugins
Telequipment D67 Dual channel scope (works - needs control cleaning) Tektronix british subsidiary - service oriented 70's
Wavetek Rockland 5830B 2 Channel Network analyzer (FFT) power supply board bad (have manuals)
Wavetek Rockland (HP) XY Plotter w/ cable (rebranded HP) For 5830B Network analyzer (no pens)
Wollensak T1500 Reel to reel tape recorder (mono) classic 60's A/V tube portable solid metal case
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