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Old 06-16-2017, 09:24 PM
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My father & uncle both said that '60 wasn't much of a car in a lot of ways.In '68 when Papaw traded if for the Babyshit special, it only had 90-100K miles & was pretty well shot. And no, it never had been abused or treated roughly. My papaw, if anything, tended to REALLY "Baby" stuff like cars. I DO remember that it was practically "Pristine" looking, & while it was almost 10 yrs old, it NEVER smelled like an old car. I got onto Daddy & Karl about why they didn't keep it, because even at a relatively young age, the '59s & '60s were starting to increase in value.By the early Seventies, when I started fooling w/cars, a '59 or '60 Cad almost always got a laugh. I guess that all that was wrong-AND right were pretty much ALL manifested in those 2 years, more so than virtually any other model of American car.
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Old 07-09-2017, 08:31 PM
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Very nice to see a real car. I had a '76 CDV & there was nothing like
driving that on the HWY. No noise, no feel of the road, just
a cloud like ride. God I love land yachts !
BTW is the Crown Vic a P71 or LS Sport ? I got a 04 LS Sport.
they seem to be very rare, I only seen 3 others in the 12 yrs
I have had mine. One at the dealer, one in Nashua with an old
lady driving & another at the local gun store.

73 Zeno
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