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Old 06-23-2018, 04:48 PM
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Need help Hali 509 variant

I am hoping that someone here has access to original Hallicrafter 509 shop service literature.

I just acquired what I believe to be a rather low production variation of the standard Hallicrafter 509. This set is also designated a 509 and has a tube chart that states 509, however V10 and V11 have 6AQ5 and 12AU7 crossed out and hand written in is 6V6 and 6SN7 . It does not have any other suffix (A or B etc) that I can find.

This version has a porthole glass front panel as can be seen in the attached photo and there is a toggle switch in the lower left corner that is similar to the "Opera Glass" feature on some Stromberg Carlson roundies. The switch "zooms" the picture to fill the whole crt.

There are 2 tubes that are different. A 6SN7 is used at V11 for the DC rest/sync sep tube (instesd of a 12AU7) and a 6V6 is used at V10 for the video output tube (instead of a 6AQ5).

I have started with the power supply comparing components to the Sams and I have found a couple differences in at least 2 resistor values. I cant tell if these are original values or if they have been replaced with different values from what the Sams shows.

I am hoping that someone out there might have an actual factory schematic so I can compare values in the chassis to what should actually be in the circuit according to the factory print.

No luck with Ryders either.

Thanks in advance for any information you might have on this obscure 509 version.
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