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Old 07-06-2018, 07:06 AM
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Pilot tv and 2 inch b&w

Ok so I'm at it again I'm thinking of wiring up a d5-100w crt from the Sinclair portable tv to my pilot tv since this may be the only way to get a b&w pic from a pilot these days. I already use one of these tubes in my oscilloscope clock and it's great. It took awhile to get the heater voltage right but it's been going for awhile now with no problems. The challenge will be again to get the heater voltage right. I can't use a regulated 1 volt because 1 volt will be to much so 1 volt from a transformer using resistors should work as this is what I did to use the tube in the clock. 1 volt then the heater load placed on it will drop to .50 volt which is the voltage needed for the tube. With the clock I used a resistor to drop the 6 volts for the heater then use the voltage on a smaller 12 volt transformer secondary then a resistor off the primary to get 1 volt then the load brings it down to .50 volts. Of course I will have to make a mask from the 3 inch round to a 2 inch rectangular. It will be odd
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