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Old 07-10-2018, 11:06 AM
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big shelf of radios

In the past few years I've had this shelf I've been putting radios on, and I've been trying to make the collection on the shelf look more and more symmetrical:

I think I'm finally happy with what I have:

row 1:

1972 Magnavox 1R736 AM/FM ss flip clock radio - The newest addition to the shelf, I picked it up a couple months ago.

1973 GE C4390 AM/FM ss - I think this is the first electronic digital clock radio, with individual plug-in VFD tubes, and electroluminescent paint on the radio dial. I got this one in 2012.

1984 GE 7-4885 AM/FM ss - with the blue display (both for the clock and the radio station) The only model clock radio I've seen with RAT tuning, although I think GE also made one like this with a red LED display. I got this one last year.

row 2:

1960 Zenith E514W AM clock radio in a white plastic cabinet - Got it in 2014.

1964 Zenith L513F AM clock radio in a green plastic cabinet - Got it in 2014, a duplicate of the first radio I ever had (That was the same model but in a brown cabinet. I got it at a garage sale in the summer of '86, then broke it a year later when I tripped while carrying it down the stairs along with this cool looking lamp I had with a clear green plastic shade - I've never seen another one of those lamps.)

1960 Zenith E514B AM clock radio in a blue plastic cabinet - I also got this one in 2014.

row 3:

1957 Zenith Z615F AM clock radio in a green plastic cabinet - I got this one back in 2009 and had trouble getting it working, it turned out the oscillator coil was open. It was the kind with 5 connection points, I adapted a spare I had with only 3 to make it work. Then back in 2012, I had many of my radios on this wall mounted shelf, including a rather heavy Radiola 18, when two of my cats jumped on the shelf at once the shelf came out of the wall and all the radios fell and that metal piece in the front on this one got smashed. I fixed it in the summer of 2014, it took me weeks of working on it an hour or so a day to straighten it out and paint it.

1949 GE C150 AM tube portable - I picked this one up back in 2002, it had an open IF transformer, I replaced it and it was the first radio I ever realigned.

1959 Zenith (7C02 chassis) AM/FM in a green plastic cabinet - I've had 3 of these, the first one (brown) had a broken cabinet and I ended up parting it out. The second (green) I sold. I regretted selling it and bought this one early in 2017.

row 4:

1939 Truetone AM - I bought 1/2 of this radio back in 2002, it worked on all original caps until 2009 when I recapped it. The cabinet was in bad condition (missing part of the top, veneer peeling off). In 2016 I found another one in a nice cabinet and swapped the chassis from this one into that cabinet. The tuner was a different shape and in order to get the knob to go through the hole in the new cabinet I had to swap tuners.

1961 Zenith R615 AM/FM - I think this is one of the models that has the electrostatic tweeter. I got this in January at the WARCI swap meet, I haven't even tested it out yet, it probably works, but I'll probably recap it anyway.

1940 Philco 40-115 AM/SW - Got this one back in 2003, recapped it and partially refinished the cabinet back in 09.

row 5:

1951 Zenith R615 AM - I picked this one up at the Fall ETF 3 years ago, It had a crack in the bottom of the cabinet I had to glue back together and has a repo back.

1949 Philco 49-900 hippo AM - Got it in 2013.

1948 Zenith (7E01 chassis) AM/FM - I kind of always wanted one of these with the old FM band, but after all the work I put into this one replacing wire with crumbling rubber insulation, I'll probably just keep it instead. Got it in 2015.

row 6:

1947 Admiral AM - I don't know the model number. It's a 6-tuber. This was originally a painted one and I stripped off all the paint. Got it in 2012.

1939 RCA 96X AM/SW - The chassis in this radio comes from one I got at a garage sale way back in the summer of 1988. Then the cabinet (it was an all plaskon one) completely shattered back in the great cat-induced radio-lanche of 2012. I found this other one later that same year and swapped in the chassis from the first one. I had to add the push button mechanism from the "new" one, as my first one didn't have it. (It's entirely mechanical and just bolts to the tuner)

1947 GE model 202 AM - got it back in 2003

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The quality goes in, before the cat goes on!!

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Old 07-10-2018, 11:41 AM
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Nice display.

I've got one of those Zeniths with the prewar FM band. The cabinet on mine came from one without it since the previous owner smashed the original cabinet and the donor set happened to be at the same meet. The dial scales exchanged easy, but I still need to change the band switch markings on the cabinet. Prewar FM seems to be getting scarcer as time goes on.
Tom C.

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