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Old 06-10-2017, 08:14 PM
uncleputz uncleputz is offline
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RCA model 55G55R120Q quit suddenly

This is the newest TV we own, built in February 2015. We were watching basketball the other evening when the screen went dark and in about ten seconds we lost the audio as well. The only thing that still works is the red standby light. This thing may have had one of the nicest pictures I have ever seen, and certainly the best I've ever owned. I have been searching online for information, but it sure seems scarce. What I suspect is that the logic board is kaput, but I sure would not swear to that. From what I have learned, if the standby light is on, the power supply board is under less suspicion. I pulled the back off and tested power at the power board like was suggested. I should have 5 volts on the standby terminals, and have 4.93 volts. Is this voltage low enough to cause a problem? Also, how do I determine if the logic board is working properly? My thinking is that if the logic board (mother board) was working, I should have audio even if the video was dead. Some RCA models are alleged to have bad LED strips, so this needs to be investigated as well. Like many of you, I'm basically a tube man and solid state stuff is news to me. I really don't want to junk a TV that is less than two years old to me. And, this gives me the opportunity to learn something. Do you know of a source for diagnostic information and/or assistance? Is service information available for this set? Thanks in advance for any advice or help with this.

BTW, I did not see any bulging caps or anything else that raised a red flag, for what that is worth.

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