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Old 05-31-2018, 05:45 PM
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Bumpers in TV programs and TV schedules

I usually don't think much about this but I was watching Judge Judy on TV which I rarely ever do as I'm not usually home. But I was planning to watch the news and I happened to turn the TV on early and JJ was still on.

I found it interesting how many bumpers are in that program. When they came back from a commercial, there was a rather long bumper before the show continued. It was on for about 5 more minutes, before the commercials came on, one commercial played, and then yet another JJ bumper, but shorter and more commercials.

I had noticed that before, and I don't see these bumpers with other shows. The only other shows I know that do this are soap operas. Usually they'll have a quick title card in the middle of the commercials, or they might do a "promotional consideration provided by the following" card before the commercials.

On another note, do you know of any channels that still do on air schedules anymore. I mean, how they will show what's airing tonight? I usually don't see that either, other than that PBS does this. Probably has to do with it taking up commercial time as well.

Same with how a lot of shows will do squashed end credits at the bottom or right of the screen while announcements or other commercials play. Or in the case of a lot of networks like HGTV, etc, that tend to run marathons of the same program, they show the intro for the next episode while the end credit play.

I remember sometimes when shows were in syndication, oftentimes on B channels or even, say weekend afternoons on networks, they would usually do a title card during commericals. Usually shows like Providence on MOR or Stargate SG1 on FOX. Of course, these days this kind of airtime is filled with infomercials, and syndicated series or even movies are not even found on these channels anymore.
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