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Old 10-19-2017, 04:05 PM
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I have the CT-100 coil list around here somewhere, whoch should be identical or pretty damn close. Keep in mind that those little white inductors have a different Q than the modern replacements and that can have an effect on performance.

I'll go look through my file cabinets when I get home.

As for your second question, I have to answer that with a question: do you plan on running the set right off a wall plug, or do you plan to only run it on a variac or Sola at say 115 or 117 VAC?

I highly recommend you hold the line voltage to 115 or 117 volts whenever running the set, and calculating the new dropping resistors for 115 or 117 volts.

You can, however, calculate the new droppers for whatever the line voltage is in your neck of the woods, say 122 VAC or whatever.

Small changes in line voltage creates a larger swing in B+, and the 21-CT-55 flyback already has a tendency to overheat and burn up. Whatever you do, make sure the droppers are sufficiently sized, and the horizontal section has been completely checked before moving on to other areas of the restoration. I'd hate to see your fly smoked from B+ that was a touch too high.
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