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Old 02-25-2019, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Dude111
I last got the movie back to the future (1985) on VHS the other day....

It was in a bin of home made VHS tapes @ salvation army (THEY WERE NOT GONNA BE PUT UP AS THEY WERE NOT THE OFFICAL TAPES OF MOVIES (People recorded them from cable TV))

This tape was recorded 4/1/87 off analog cable (HBO) and is beautiful...... I have had the 3 parts of back to the future on their official tapes for awhile but all 3 are DIGITALLY RECORDED and look like crap to me......
I finally got BTTF II and III on thier official MCA VHS tapes in reg video also (Looks like your watching on analogue cable (But the audio is much warmer of course (video is somewhat nicer also (colours))))

These 2 I got are RENTAL TAPES and I can only imagine they didnt ruin RENTALS was because they wanted to fool people into seeing how beautiful it is and then they go out and buy it and got something not as good..... (A $$$$ scheme)

Its sad it truly is.........

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