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Old 04-22-2017, 11:09 AM
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Still sourcing ferrite clip-ons. I have not had a chance to raid the wire bin at work.
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Old 05-17-2017, 02:49 AM
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Maybe buy or build a simple RF field strength meter and run it along some paths to see where RF is getting back into electronics.
Once you find the source you can either remove it or add some RF chokes to its line.
This almost always is a grounding issue in my experience, often with 3 prong grounded gear that lets RF flow back into the ground pin of the outlet which is why with mobile units I play with indoors I often set my PSU to not place negative on the outlets ground so to avoid any RF path to make wiring act as part of the antenna.
If it's a regular base station transceiver can you run it off of a 12v car battery for testing? If so then try that rather than plugging it in to the outlet to see if there is a difference and if so then you know RF is going back to the outlet.
In my many years of using CBs sometimes it simply comes down to the 11 meter band being a PITA getting into all kinds of electronics regardless of how clean the rig is. Even a walkie talkie CB can sometimes bleed into electronics you'd never expect and that is purely on battery power with a stubby antenna.
If that is the case then you may be forced to put RF chokes along some paths of your electronics to keep the noise out.
Like others have said, make sure no golden screwdriver truck stop modders have been inside of your radio, they often have absolutely no idea what they are doing and think that a higher RF output reading on the meter means more power, failing to realize they are screwing up the filtering network and seeing harmonics and spurs show up as added power.
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