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Old 02-22-2016, 10:20 PM
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ANyone want a console C TC-149 RCA set?

Acquired a CTC-149 set...which I did NOT really want--while getting a NICE CONDITION CTC 131 set...which I really DID want.

Both are in the van. I paid $10 for the 149--mainly to hopefully 'pass it along" to another....and keep it from a packer truck Cabinet is pretty good, other than a couple of blemishes on top. I took a look inslde--it is a "semi-cold" set--with a small SMPS for the AV-I/O ckts and HOT for the deflection.. Have not tested--cord missing--but it is a normal "computer type " power cord. IIRC..these usually were easy to fix and nearly ALWAYS had a good tube. 1989 model.

Hopefully someone will want to come for this...or want it at the ETF.

I will try and get a pix tomorrow or is a dual-speaker set--with a control panel that looks EXACTLY like a CTC 140...but it is NOT-- the 149 is simpler and even though mostly hot...I like working on it BETTER...than the 140--which is cold.

BTW--the 131 works,...good, bright enough snow, and contrast....obviously a GREAT CRT. a BIT of lines at the top of raster--no doubt a few caps. Cabinet in VERY nice condition. It came with one of those "digital command remotes" which DOES work. For $15..not bad. 1985 model.
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