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Old 12-03-2009, 10:59 AM
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Tubes on CL, Houston

Sorry if this is the wrong spot, but thought you'd like to see this. Maybe some useful stuff here. This is my first visit to VK.
Not mine.

Vacuum tubes - new old stock - Made in the U.S.A. - $5 (77084)

Date: 2009-12-03, 6:20AM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


Vacuum tubes - new old stock and very few are used. I have several dozens of new and used vacuum tubes for sale for TV repair mainly. Tubes will be sold for $5.00 each. Buy 50 or more for $4 each. Or a full box for $3 each.
These tubes were made in the U.S.A.

These are beginning to move quickly. Once these are gone, I will not have any more available. Email me so I can reserve the tubes you've been searching for.

To aid in your search using Internet Explorer, click on "Edit" and then "Find on this page" and type in a few of the first number/letter combinations you are looking for. Any of the combination that matches will be highlighted for you.

126 new vacuum tubes for TV and radio up to 70’s- BOX 1.

6BN6, 6BN8, 6BQ7A,6BQ7A, 6BQ7A/6BZ7, 6BR8A, 6BS8, 6BU8, 6BF5, 6BF5, 6BH8, 6BK5, 6BK7B, 6BK7B, 6BN4, 6BA6, 6BA8A, 6BE6, 6CE5/6BC5, 6BC5, 6BC8, 6BD6, 6AS8, 6AT8A, 6AT8, 6AU8, 6AU8, 6AK6, 6AN8A, 6AM8A, 6AM8A, 6AM8A, 6AS5, 6AS5, 6AS5, 6AU8, 6AF3, 6AH6, 6AH6, 6AK5, 6AK5, 6AK6, 5EU8, 5EW6, 5J6, 5T8, 5U8, 5U8, 5X8, 6AB4, 5AN8, 5AT8, 5AT8, 5AV8, 5BK7A, 5BQ7A, 5BR8, 5CL8A, 5EA8, 4EJ7, 5AQ5, 6AQ5A, 5AM8, 5AM8, 5AN8, 5AN8, 5AN8, 3EA5, 3S4, 4AU6, 4BC8, 4BQ7A, 4BZ7, 4CS6, 3CS6, 3BY6, 3BZ6, 3CY5, 3DK6, 3DT6A, 3DT6, 3AU6, 3BC5, 3BN6, 3BN6, 3BN6, 3BN6, 3CB6, 2BN4, 2EN5, 3AL5, 3AL5, 1DN5, 1V2, 3DT6, 3BC5, 3AL5, 3AU6, 3BY6, 3BU8/3GS8.
**Just added 6V8, 6S4A, 6X8, 6X8, 4BZ7, 12J8, 12CA5, 12BV7/12B7A, 6CL8A, 12DE7, 6BY8, 6GH8A, 6X4, 12DT5, 12CU5/12C5, 12K5, 6AN8A, 6AK6, 6V8, 6V8

126 vacuum tubes in BOX 2.

12BY7A, 12DB5, 12DT5, 12DS7, 12ED5, 12FM6, a unknown Raytheon tube, 12F8, 6CL6, 12B4A, 12B4A, 12BY7A/12BY7, 12CU5/12C5, 12C5/12CU5, 12C5/12CU5, 12DB5, 3BU8, 12BF6, 12BK5, 3CY5, 12BR7, 12BR7, 12AQ5, 12AQ5, 12AB5, 12AV7, 12AE6A, 9AU7, 9AU7, 10DE7, 12AD6, 12AF3, 6V3A, 6V3A, 6X8, 6X8A, 6X8, 6X8, 7AU7, 8CN7, 6LX8/LCF802, 6T8, 6T8, 6S4A/6S4, 6S4A/6S4, 6S4A, 6T8A, 6T8A, 6U8, 6ES5, GEU7, 6FQ7/6CG7, 6FV8A, 6FV6, 6U8A, 6DT6, 6EB8, 6FH5, 6EH8, 6EH7/EF183, 6EH7/EF183, 6EH8, 6EM5, 6ER5, 6DE6, 6CU5, 6CU8, 6CX8, 6CY5, 6CY7, 6CY7, 6CZ5,6DE7, 6CS6, 6CS6, 6CS7, 6CN7, 6CS7, 6CS7, 6CQ8, 6CU5, 6CG7, 6CL6, 6CL6, 6CL6, 6CM8, 6CM7, 6CS6, 6BZ7, 6BU8, 6BZ7, 6BZ8, 6CL8A, 6CB6A, 6CB6A, 6CF6, 6AQ5A, 6BR8A, 6BY6, 6BY6, 6BY6, 6BY8, 6BY8, 6GJ7ECF801, 6BZ7, 6BZ7, 6CU5, 12AB5, 6CG7, 12AQ5, 35C5, 6AT8A, 2BN4, 4AU6, 5CL8A, 6AK6, 6CM6, 8AU8, 8AW8A, 6AK6, 6BJ6, 6CB6A

I also have 2 more small barrels of used tubes.I'll sell for $75 a barrel ($100 for both barrels) that have many different types and are used. I suggest bringing a tube tester with you.
I am willing to ship these new vacuum tubes to anywhere in the continental U.S. Due to the fragile nature of the parts, there will be packing charges.

I do take Paypal payments.
In need of some old 45 or 78 RPM Vinyl records? I have dozens for sale as well.

Thank you for your interest,

Location: 77084
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Old 12-05-2009, 04:15 PM
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I think he'll have a mighty hard time making $1000+ off of a few hundred tubes. Perhaps he should open an ePay store.

I had a guy call me several months ago who was gearing down his TV shop and offered me his remaining tube stock (around 500) for forty cents a tube, but it just wasn't worth it to me. I'd bet that by now they went to the dump, just like the Zenith modules he tried to sell.
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