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Old 08-25-2017, 12:30 AM
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Sony BVP-250: Soft shoulder "cushion"?

I just purchased my first early BVP Camera, a BVP-250P.
It came from Luxembourg and must habe been one of RTLs first ENG cameras. Or maybe it was used in the studio as it had no shoulder pad and no eye-viewfinder.
Luckily I hat a few BVP components I could complete it with, so now that is was it looks like:

But searching for more Information about it, I realized it probably was shipped with some different shaped shoulder pad that was ribbed and made from other material and it seemes it had no rear locking for a camera plate like the later BVP-300/330. Here is the picture I took that from:

As you can see, also the vf looks different, so maybe my "self-made" 250 ( I used parts from a non-functional and horrible locking 330) now is more a Saticon-300 than a 250 how it should be.
Or could it be, that the s/w brochure-picture doesn't show the shipped version?

I really wonder how the 250 was locked on a tripod as the there was absolutely nothing at the lower end (under the box with the connectors on the right side and the reg. alignment-pots on the left) that could have gone on or in something. And there is no 1/4 or 3/8 thread in the block at the front.

Any experts for Sony 1982 out there? Thanks for your help..

Btw.: The 250 works perfect! A little bit of alignment of the registration (done only with the pots outside) and the picture looked "clean" and close to a plumbicon.
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