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Old 04-04-2017, 04:06 PM
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Anyone collection (semi)prfoesional video cameras?

Anyone around here collection (semi)prfoesional video cameras?
And how much did you payed for it?
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Old 08-05-2017, 05:51 AM
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What exactly is a SEMI-pro camera to you?

Hi Telecolor 3007! (was that the name of a tv-set?)
As I am collecting almost everything that could be called "portable video camera" (and a few studio-only models) I thing your semi-pro selection must be a part of it.
But what excatly do you mean?
Beside the pure home-stuff (VHS etc.) and the pure pro stuff (U-Matic HB, Betacam (SP, SX, Digi, SD XDCAM) there were a few cameras, recorders and camcorders that were in between, I guess this is the stuff you mean.
So I would put Sonys early DXC tube-models (1610, 1800, 1820) into that pot, as well as then later CCD- bases DXC 3000, DXC 325 or the Hi-8 Camcorders that were based on the same set of sensors.
And of course you will find many other models from other manufacturers (e.g. Hitachi FP- 9,10, Panasonic WV-555, F-15, JVC S100, GX S700) that also will fit into that range.
But back to your question:
If the selection of cameras I mentioned fits to your expections, I must say you will find almost every price asked from the offerers. Sometimes I was lucky to pay a more symbolic price of only 1€ (+shipping if needed) to get the offerers basement or cupboard, closet or cabinet empty, and at other times they were asking almost the same price as the item were new.
In most cases, as we are not talking about something you find in catalogues or many ebay auctions with a former price, the camera owner just "tried" a price to see what offers will come in.
When the offerers and my idea of the price were differing too much, I tried to find a similar former auction to proof that my offer is realistic and not cheeky.

Sometimes that works, other times it can take the offerer a few month of a learning curve to find out, that e.g. a DXC-M7 is generously paid with 50€ - instead of the asked 500€. And for that 50€ it still needs to be in a very good condition!
Generally said for a camera beyond the broadcast section there is not much reason to pay more than 50€, at least I almost never paid more.
So the average price I payed for a prosumer or semi-pro camera will be like 25€ - with some free (!) cameras on the one hand and a very few ones for 50-100€.
This is the only one I ever payed 100€ for:
It is not only still working perfectly (as almost any old Trinicon camera is!) it also was in perfect condition and came with the lens it originally was sold with. (..check he further pictures)

And Ifi you want to check my other cameras:
Not really all of them but most of them.

What cameras are you going for? Have you already started your collection?
Were there any Romanian Cameras build?

Best, Stefan

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Old 08-26-2017, 04:25 PM
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In the USA, the RCA PK-series cameras were considered their "professional line," down a step or two from the "broadcast" cameras, which had TK- designations.
For example, the PK-630 was a "professional" 3-tube studio camera of early 1970s vintage, while its "broadcast" counterpart was the TK-44A. The "professional" line was less expensive, but I don't think it was a very big seller. The professional cameras were designed in California, and the broadcast cameras in Camden, New Jersey. No parts were interchangeable.

That said, I don't personally know of anyone collecting them. I paid about $150 several years ago for a TK-76, and I've seen some other cameras of lesser fame go for less than $100.
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