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Old 01-30-2018, 04:46 PM
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I did not change the 3.5mfd oval cap. I was confused about if I absolutely had to use the same part or of I could put a normal cap in. Someone said it had to be the original type but so far these have proven to be expensive. $13 plus a $11 handling fee plus shipping.

The multisection has been replaced which is what brought the screen back to almost normal size. I double checked everything and it all looks good.

How would I check those parts? I figured if the rectifier was having issues the unit would not turn on, at least that's how stereo equipment behaves. As for the triac it seems to work just fine. I do have a friend with a system III that has a bad one of these but it causes no issues besides needing to have a switchable plug for it.

Oddly enough I can't find what burned. Everything looks okay so it's just a strange situation. Sometimes units burn dust but not like this.
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Old 01-30-2018, 05:39 PM
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Have you tried it with another source besides the Nintendo? That thing is also 30 years old and could have problems of it's own.
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Old 01-31-2018, 01:43 PM
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It's hard to think of the nintendo being that old, but yes it does have some issues. Despite this the TV did the same thing with a VCR and a DVD player. I will play with it a bit more and see what changes.
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Old 02-05-2018, 11:38 PM
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Just an update, but on the board with the flyback I found this cracked ceramic disc cap. The value reads 6000k, but is that the value of model? This part seems to be in the area the original smoke was coming from. A picture should be attatched.

Oddly enough no expanded caps have been found but of course that doesn’t mean none or bad.
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