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Old 11-21-2018, 05:06 PM
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The transformer will be wound with heavy wire & not much so you
will get very low ohms.
Unfortunately the ZOOM doesnt blow things up enuf so I can see it.
The hoz lin & pincushion usually will be in series with the yoke. Follow the hoz
windings of the yoke from the collector of the hoz out transistor through. Watch for a yoke coupling cap in series with it. Also look for any diodes off the C of the hoz output. If any lift one end & do diode test with your meter.

Yes I did do some monitors inc NEC. I am NO expert in them. In fact I hated
monitors. I was doing piece work for a cat & told him " no more monitors ,
projos, or VCR / TV combos". All a PIA.
Keep in mind monitors were fixed BOARD LEVEL ONLY as far as a MFG goes.
Even getting a manual set you back $50 - $75. Add to that you could not
buy parts ONLY boards. If you get this going you will have something to
be very proud of.........

73 Zeno
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