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Old 10-08-2015, 04:30 PM
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For all of you looking for schematics

I am sure many of our colleagues will know about this, but just in case I want you to know that there is this Hungarian website where they have any kind of free electronic/electric/whatever manuals and schematics. In it you can find schematics and service manuals for a large variety of electronic appliances (not just radio, audio, TV, domestic and broadcast) ranging mainly from maybe the 1970s to this day. But also radios from the 30┤s! If it uses electricity, they may have it (lightning arresters excluded).
Anybody can download up to two documents from the site in a single day. To overcome this limit, one has to pass a simple test with five questions (of course, also available in English). If you don┤t pass the test, you will have to wait 2-3 days before they change the questions before trying again.
Read carefully the questions, because sometimes the answer is not the simplest choice. If they give you several combinations of resistors to make a desired value, and by the way mention the dissipated power, the correct answer may not be the one with the exact equivalent resistance, if in doing so one of the resistors would overheat.
I regret to say, I failed miserably the first six or eight times because some questions give you several written options, and the translation into English is not very good. (And after the test they don┤t tell you in which question you failed.)
This said, the site has a great variety of schematics/manuals. Mainly European of course, but sometimes you can┤t find the SM for the American version and have to compromise with the "less-different" manual available.
I started a similar thread in the Broadcast Gear forum (I hope it is not against the rules) because the people that go there may not be the same that likes old radios. (I love both). And this is a very popular forum in VK.
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Old 10-09-2015, 11:11 PM
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