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Old 05-13-2017, 09:35 PM
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RCA (model 6-EY-3A) 45 player

I recently grabbed a nice RCA 45 player, model 6-EY-3A. Recapped the amp and serviced the turntable. Motor and turntable work great but I do not have any audio. Replaced the cartridge and needle with a replacement from Gary at V-M Enthusiasts. Still zero audio. Started poking around and injected an audio signal into both sides of the primary of the audio output transformer and got good sound. So I know the transformer is still good. Tested and swapped both the AF amp tube and the audio output tube, no change. I then started testing voltages and noticed that I have 0 volts on the plate of the audio output tube (should be 120V). Also, I have 0 volts on the second grid of the audio output tube (should be 115V). I then noticed that I had 120 V on both sides of the selenium rectifier and 0 volts after the 47 ohm (some models use 22 ohm) resistor right after the selenium. I should have 130 V right after the selenium according to the schematic.

I want to replace the selenium and 47 ohm resistor right after it, but am having a few issues. I figured I would use a diode to replace the rectifier. I had two on hand. A 1N5408 and a 1N4007. Both of these produced no change in performance and I had 120 V going into the diode, but 0 volts coming out. I then replaced the resisitor with a newer 47 ohm one. I tried a 5 watter and a 10 watter, both wirewound ohmites. Both resistors overheated and turned red hot. Shut down before any damage to anything, as I was monitoring the resistor.

So what am I missing? What should I be using to replace this selenium and the dropping resistor after it? I did see a note that the resistor should be a "surge" type resistor. But no wattage is listed anywhere. Original 47 ohm is one of the white, rectangular long resistors. Says 47 ohm on it, but no wattage.

See below photos of full schematic, closeup of selenium and resistor (R9) section of schematic, then two more photos showing the specs of selenium and resistor. Note, I have the version with the 47 ohm resistor, not the 22 ohm one.

Any advice about what parts to replace this selenium and resistor with would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any advice on anything additionally that might cause 0 volts on pins 3 and 4 of the audio output tube where there should be 120 volts and 115 volts would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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