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Old 10-29-2009, 03:26 PM
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I know it's been a while and this thread is probably about dead...however, I honestly never got over to this section that much.

I work on coin-op stuff. I've encountered a TON of these Nintendo monitors. Majority of them are made by Sanyo. There are kits sold by various coin-op suppliers to re-cap these you a bag of electrolytics and a sheet that tells you what to change. It's not just 4 or 5, I think there's about 20 that need to be changed to ensure the picture comes out halfway right. The Sanyo's are famous for curled picture.

The problem with the Nintendo games has generally been that they have an integrated audio amplifier board mounted to the monitor frame. It pulls it's power from the monitor and runs off something like 150 volts, you almost need the original monitor to use it. Generally these need at least a basic recapping to work, sometimes they need to be rebuilt if they've been plugged up incorrectly. Some Nintendo games also use an inverted video. I worked on a Space Launcher that had a 13" monitor in it. This was old-school Nintendo stuff so we thought it used standard RGB interface, however, it used all that propritary Nintendo stuff. We got the monitor working but had inverted color values and no sound.

Mikesarcade sells a replacement board that runs off 12volts that will give you the proper video and audio amplification. This will allow you to adapt a standard CGA monitor to work with the thing...however...

Super Mario Bros uses a 19" monitor...and the companies making the CRT's stopped making 19" CGA gaming monitors are extremely difficult to come by and prices have shot up. Generally tubes are fine..they're just old/faded/burnt, but a chasis rebuild/repair will get it working again if you come across a standard gaming monitor that doesn't work. If you really want to get crazy, you can get 19" LCD's in a frame that will work in arcade games...we suspect as soon as the price drops to a more reasonable level we'll be going that route...but as for right now, we're rebuilding chasis. has the rebuild kits for the common old monitors. I don't remember offhand where we're getting cap-kits for our offbrand stuff..I don't do ordering at work. has a bunch of other stuff..including the video inverter/amp board and various chips and upgrades for games (like the high-score save kit for SMB)

As far as caps aging and depends on a LOT of factors. Quite a few of these games spent a LOT of years turned off and stored in odd they generally used cheap caps. However, there have been cases with some equipment that's been stored in halfway decent conditions indoors and used on a semi-regular basis they'll last for years. It also depends on the type of cap. An old wax cap generally dries out...old electrolytics dry up...but things like old micas and disc caps, they last almost forever.
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