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Old 07-10-2018, 09:49 PM
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big shelf of VCRs

Much like my big shelf of radios, I also started a big shelf of VCRs. I've only been collecting VCRs for 1-2 years, so it hasn't really reached the same level of symmetry as my big shelf of radios. Also, it's kind of heavy on the VHS front loaders, and I don't have as many examples of the more obscure formats as I would like. I only have on the shelf: 2 Beta VCRs, 2 CED players, 1 LD player. I'm not entirely sure of some of the years I give, many could probably be +/- 1 or 2 years.

row 1:

1981 Sears CED player, works with a new belt, has a direct drive turntable

1981 RCA SFT100 CED player, (RCA's first) works with new belts and some adjustment of the positioning of the turntable motor

row 2:

2001 and 1997 RCA DVD players - I'll probably eventually replace one of these with something more interesting. I have the original remote for the 2001 model.

row 3:

1991 Proscan PSLD41 Laserdisc player - worked as found, has the original remote

1992 Proscan PSRV61 VCR, worked as found, has the correct , but not the original remote

row 4 - high-end late 80s Zeniths all missing the remote:

1987 Zenith VR2300 VHS sideways loader - worked after new belt and a lot of messing around with the tape loading mechanism

1989 Zenith VRE550HF SVHS - needs belts which are currently on their way here

1986 Zenith VR3300 VHS sideways loader - worked as found. I think this is the top of the line for its year.

row 5:

1986 RCA VMT597 - works with all new rubber: 6 belts and idler tire, I think I even needed to replace the pinch roller on this one. Has the original remote.

1986 RCA VMT395 - needs new rubber, missing remote

row 6:

1985 Zenith VR4000 - worked as found, with original remote, I think also the top of the line at the time

1985 Zenith VR3000 - works with new belts and idler tire, I have a VR2000 remote to go with it

row 7:

1983 Sears Betamax top loader - works with new belts and idler tire, some lubrication, and lots of gunk cleaned off the head

1985 RCA VKT300 - works with new belts, missing remote

row 8:

1977 RCA VBT200 - RCA's first VCR, works with new belts, but the head makes an awful whirring sound when it turns.

1988 Zenith VRD530HF VHS sideways loader- won't power on, not the obvious loose power cord or burnt out fuses

1981 Magnavox - VHS top loader with knob tuner, replaced belts, still won't play, at the very least needs idler tires, haven't located them yet

row 9:

1979 RCA VDT650 - new belts has it playing tapes, but the clock won't light up

1978 Zenith JR9000 Betamax - Zenith's first VCR, new belts, plays tapes, problem with color

units not on the shelf:

1984 Sanyo 4020 Betamax VCR (front loader) - new belts and idler tires, and some lubrication and head cleaning has it mostly working, but it has a bad tracking control and banged up cabinet. If I get this one fixed up nicely I might swap something else off the shelf for it.

1983 Zenith VR8510 Betamax VCR (front loader)- has a bad reel motor, I'll probably just wind up parting it out even though it's in nice condition with the original remote and owners manual.

1983 RCA SJT400 CED player - Has lots of problems beginning with the controls being completely unresponsive...

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The quality goes in, before the cat goes on!!

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