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Old 02-10-2018, 03:59 PM
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Bulding the hedquarters of the Romanian (State) Television

I was looking for the cover of "Arhitectura" ("The Arhitecture") magazine that had the tower of Televiziunea Română (Romanian (State) Televison) on it - maybe it had something about it on the inside. Dind't find the cover, but found this instead.
The guy who opereted the excavetor didn't had a tv set back in April of 1966...

Well, this wasn't the 1st headquarter of TVR. The 1st one was a former film studio? In the 1st days it was o.k., there wasn't too much programing, but as the years passed, it becamed to small. There was more programing.
Up untill mid '30's there was a brick factory in that place (up untill around 1895 that area was outside of city limits). After that they planned a neiberghood, but in that part no house was built. They chose that location from 3 proposals.
In 1968, When TVR moved into the new location (completed in 1970) the 2nd Programe of TVR started to be broadcasted from the old location, but soon moved into the new complex. When the staion moved into the new tower brodacasts where avaible in all 7 days of the week. Before that, there was no broadcasting on Mondays.
Throu all that they could have color brodacasting from the '70's, because politics we had to wait up untill August of 1983...

The Romanian State Television was the ony television in Romanina that up untill after 2000 had studios built from scratch. The private stations used buldings built for other purposes... maybe somehow except Tele 7 ABC (look for Tele 7 ABC vimeo) that installed it studios in a bulding which begun to be constructed before 1990, but was finished later; oh, not even this television had a headquarters built for television intetions right from the beginings. Anyway, most private stations run in metal boxes or rented places.
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