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Old 02-25-2019, 07:17 PM
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Vintage (Working) Advent VideoBean Give-Away

We a have nearly mint Advent Model 1000 VideoBeam (circa 1974), 3 CRT guns -- RGB -- projector and custom screen designed by Henry Kloss (inventor of the phenomenal, for its time, KLH acoustic suspension loudspeaker). This projector is still working, still producing a stunning image for its place in history with the standard NTSC raster.

The tuner of course is analog and not working, but the system will accept a composite input and play from a DVD player or any component source that will output a composite video signal. Image is about 7ft diag. The integral, highly reflective compound-curved screen is in very good condition, just some slight marks that are not visible when an image is projected on it. The projector MUST be used with the screen which is designed to capture every lumen from the high-voltage CRT tubes and reflect them directly back to the seating area, which is how they were able to produce such a bright image. In order to achieve the high level of brightness, Kloss did away with multiple element focusing lens and instead used 3 fixed focus, single element lenses, so the projector must live 8 feet from the screen.

THIS IS A FREE GIVE-AWAY: the projector and screen need to be picked up from its location in Brooklyn NY.

Notes -- The screen is free standing with its own legs; the surface is a highly reflective 3M metallic (same material used by Stanley Kubrick to shoot the opening section of 2001 for front screen projection) which is how the VideoBeam was able to get the brightest projected image with CRT guns than anything else remotely near the price range on the market at time. The electronics were also very advanced for its day, boasting absolute black levels never before achieved with video projectors. Many other innovations as well such as super accurate interlacing that virtually eliminates visible lines, even from a few feet away from the screen and a modular circuit design that allowed every circuit to be replaceable in the field.

Because the screen is a specially formulated reflective material, it is delicate and can't be handled -- those lipid fatty fingerprints simple will not come off, so it shouldn't be used where children or stupid adults who can't follow simple instructions ("Don't Touch the Screen") are in close proximity. Other than that, it's a great piece of equipment that was mile ahead of it's contemporaries; we had a top-of-the-line Sony three gun CRT projector a that time as well, and it was an embarrassment compared to the image quality and brightness of the VideoBeam.

If anyone out there thinks they would have use for this working item, please contact us at CinemaDude at aol We want to see that it gets a good home.

I will try to post pictures shortly.

Last edited by CinemaDude; 02-26-2019 at 01:13 PM. Reason: Corrected my dyslexic spelling errors and for better clarity.
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